About the author… moi.

About the author… moi.

Hey Hey! I am a 31 year old girl living in a pretty small place, where everyone knows everyone unless you get lucky and find some poor chap from another town. I was regaling tales yesterday to my best friend of a recent dating horror story when she suggested using my blog to document them for shits and giggles or when I need cheering up.

A bit of a back story, I’ve dated the same person on and off for the last 10 years (KJ) also known as the prick, during times apart I’ve dated quite a few different chaps, as lets face it, its fun when its not so bloody scary. I have only been in love twice, once with KJ, and  once with WS who I still have a soft spot for, he taught me what a man should be like hence never being able to take the shit from KJ ever again, unfortunately the timing was all out but we have remained friends.

I was also diagnosed with Bipolar in January, which has certainly added a whole different dimension to understanding my reckless behavior and decisions at times!

that’s enough about me, lets begin.

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