Online dating

Online dating

With trying out my new theories in mind such as not just going for 6″3 men, not trusting my gut (turns out it’s out to get me) and gentle probing on past history to avoid the emotionally unavailable man, I’ve decided to practise via online dating. I signed up to POF and tinder last night, I’ve already deleted POF. It would of been sooner but the app wouldn’t let me within 24hrs.

I can see my judgemental side kicking in with every other message, I don’t reply to those who can’t be arsed to come up with anything other than ‘hey’ or blatent sleezefests.

The messages where every sentence ends with a load of kisses gross me out, and blokes doing duck face or using girly snapchats. Why? Bleurgh.

I have been chatting with 2 blokes on and off today, S and T. The good thing about Tinder is that it’s extremely easy to stalk your potential chap via facebook. I kinda wish I hadn’t though, it’s put me off both guys considerably.

Maybe I am just not ready, or maybe my comfort zone is battling with me, go with what you’ve always gone for, same results…

Or, stop looking for flaws and take a chance. Hmmmm

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